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Senior Partner - Right Rosa sponsered by
Juan Vasquez - Founder & CEO


Partial Partner
Angelo Vasquez

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Ms. Mercedes & Partial Partner

Hector Mercedes


Partial Partner
Oliver Quezada Reyes


Floor Supervisor
Capricia Rosewood




As a small business owner, I gladly pay for services that reduce stress and take a load off my shoulders. JST Call Center Solutions does that for me and as a small business owner, that’s worth its weight in gold.


I manage a small property management company. Our previous answering service seemed to always call for the most ridiculous items, but ignore those that were in fact important. I have never had this issue with JST Call Center. and now, when I do receive a call, I know it’s important. Thanks for a great service!


JST CALL CENTER, has become a valuable tool and partner. In the age of technology customers still need to have an option of speaking to a live person, especially in our industry of servicing the aging population. JST has brought the ‘personal’ back into the ‘service’.

I do not miss a service call by having the service transfer them directly to me, I was pleasantly surprised. The only regret that I have is not doing this sooner!

Thomas H.

Mechanical Pro Plumbing

JST CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS has become an invaluable part of our company. They initially started helping us by handling inbound support calls and routing them to our development team by email. They did such an efficient job, that we then hired them to handle our inbound sales leads. We were finding that taking these initial calls ourselves was ineffective. By the time the calls would go through our hunt sequences in our phone system to various sales reps, the callers would hang up much of the time. Now, we take our toll free sales calls right to the JST call center. They’ve become very knowledgeable of our basic information/service offerings, and are always on time, always pleasant and always accountable. They route the calls to us via email and we follow-up with our prospects. The best part is we’re never caught off-guard and can put our best foot forward with follow-up calls to potential clients. They are a pivotal part of our growing company.



Having JST Call Center allows for a better night’s sleep. We were able to customize a system with JST as if my own staff was fielding the calls. On emergency calls, JST continues to call the provided phone numbers until they speak to someone on our staff, which ensures a fast response. Most importantly, knowing that calls are recorded for accuracy purposes helps in today’s business environment.


It’s Saturday afternoon, and I have again had the pleasure of being served by your staff. I have given my office folks the weekend off, and have personally received the calls and messages from your team today as I did last weekend when you and your team astounded me by making my customers your priority. I’m telling you: I had fun that weekend creating well-satisfied customers, at a net profit during an overtime weekend – and then you blew me away by doing so during a FREE 7 day trial period. I have seldom been the recipient of such tremendous value. As you know, I did not hesitate to sign with your company.

Well, after working with your folks again today, I stand by my first assessment. Your staff’s thoroughness, professionalism, and promptness are again helping me to turn an overtime day into a profitable one. The messages we receive are sent directly to us (in our choice of formats) immediately after your team member speaks with a perspective (and many times a current VIP) customer. The messages received contain virtually all the information needed for my team to deliver a World Class Service experience to my customer. My goodness – I sound like a commercial, don’t I? Well, I can’t help but tell the truth.

Oh, and by the way, the only reason I chose to personally take all calls last weekend was simply to judge your team’s effectiveness. You were just another answering service I was going through, trying to get lucky. But listen – and please share this with your folks, because it is both true AND important – the reason I chose to take calls again this weekend, was because I just couldn’t wait to work with your staff again (of course, creating well-satisfied customers at a net profit during an overtime weekend helps too)!

Please pass along my heartfelt thanks to everyone at JST. And before I forget– welcome to the Bow Plumbing Family!




Whether we are having a conversation with a potential client who is telling us about the challenges they face or an existing partner who wants to do more with our services, we listen. Every organization we work with have their own unique traits and characteristics that make them stand out to the world. And in light of that, we would enjoy hearing about what you’d like to accomplish and discussing solutions that are perfectly tailored for your business. 


Why Us?

  1. Fast phone pick-up time
  2. Professional and courteous receptionists
  3. Specialized call screening
  4. Emergency response specialists
  5. Your own nationwide 800 number
  6. Voicemail and IVR services
  7. In-house IT Dept
  8. Custom account and software design
  9. Dynamic online account access
  10. Interface with your company website
  11. Advanced on-call roster services
  12. Online account analytics

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  • What I can do right away is…

  • I apologize for the inconvenience, and I assure you I'll do everything I can to help you.

  • I understand how frustrating that can be—let's see how we can work this out…

  • I appreciate your patience in this matter.

― Juan Vasquez

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