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Welcome to my autobiography. I am extremely grateful that you have decided to learn a little more about the people that form this company.  Hopefully, very soon, we will also become part of yours.  I have been in the customer service business now for thirty-eight wonderful years. I know that everyone, on this beautiful planet, goes through their ups and their downs. I know that sometimes there is a lot of bad, and that is hard to oversee.  But I choose to acknowledge that there is more good than there is bad on this earth.  I choose to live knowing and building incredible long term business relationships. I have had my share of corporations and sole proprietorships among them are Sentil Personal Computer, Inc. which was just one store that I owned in New York City. I also owned two stores in the Bronx, 1 in Manhattan, another in Queens, Brooklyn, and finally Long island. My branch of businesses had spread all over the Tristate Area. I also had 32 service centers spread out throughout all of the boroughs as well. I worked to turn ordinary mom and pop electronic stores into computer service centers, via my program of SPC service centers. This program was able to prevent these mom and pop stores from going under. This, of course, was way back in the 90s when the fashion was cassettes tapes videotapes, and record players. Because these electronic stores offered technological services and equipment, a business relationship between them and I was sufficiently able to create a sustainable stream of equity for us. Because of this relationship, Sentil PC gained a lot of exposure and began to grow. Unfortunately, this era came to an end with the push in of gigantic brands such as Dell, Packard Bell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Gateway, People PC, etc, and the list goes on.  I then bounced around and in the year 2008 I started working in call centers. I was hooked from my first experience. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working with the following brands, that you may be able to see in the slides presented, and I, personally, worked in their campaigns. 

In 2013 I was able to create my very own call center. Everything from, setting up the hardware such as servers, switches, rack-mountable frames, wall racks, hubs, to the assemblage of the floors, the designs for campaigns, and all of the scripting, were built by my two hands. My call center began with only 15 agents making cold calls from customer to customer hoping to hit a few lucky sales, and now, today, we are ready to take your project to the next level, ready to build your brand, ready to be your partner at arms. Come join me and my team and become a partner with us today and increase your production, sales, revenues, brand, etc.

The beginning of a call center dream

A Education Advocate & Man of God


Brands that I have Personally help develop

38 Years in the customer service industry