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Founder Juan Vasquez put together a partnership program to assist in creating his vision into a reality. This partnership consists of ten partners collaborating with $3,000.00usd from each individual investor creating a total lump sum investment of $30,000.00usd. And second condition is that the partner(s) would have to physically participate in the development and implementation of the call center. To set forth a pilot program of 90 days. The idea of the pilot is to construct a working business model of the business plan. This would give a visual insight of the project and inform the investors if the business plan would work but most importantly that it will yield profits acceptable to the partners.

The original vision by Juan Vasquez is that each partner put up three thousand US dollars each and they would be entitled to ten percent ownership of the profits generated by the call center. Ten partners times ten percent would equal hundred percent profit shareholders. The one hundred percent model would subtract forty five percent of all profit generated by the call center. This would leave the partners with a dividen of fifty five percent to be divided between all the partners. The forty five percent extracted from the hundred percent net profit would be used for the growth and expansion of the business. The forty five percent subtracted for the growth and expansion of the business would also be part of the distribution income belonging to all the partners. What does distribution mean? The partners will also be shareholders to the ownership of the expanded call center brick and mortar site(s). Every partner's ownership level would be according to the level of investment made by each partner. This was plan B created by the founder Juan Vasquez. This plan B was put in place to create an equal opportunity for those who could not raise the three thousand dollars needed to become a partner. Juan realized that there were many potential investors who wanted to become investors but just couldn’t raise that much capital. For these investors that could not meet the total investment sum of three thousand dollars the dividends would work off the original distribution net profit plan. For someone who had invested one thousand dollars for example: They would be entitled to a third of the initial ten percent setup for every three thousand US dollars investment made. This plan B model would accept a minimum investment of one thousand US dollars with a maximum amount that would not exceed the total amount put together by the partners. An example would be; JSTcallcenter has three investors at $3,000 then there is only a total of $21,000 left to be purchased by any investor.

The second condition of the partner(s) of this partnership is that each investor partner would have to contribute to the creation of the project. This participation would need to be by that partner direct involvement or by someone paid by that partner who could not directly contribute. The payment for that non-partner contributor would be covered by the partner in question. This non-partner individual is not entitled to any dividends created by the business or its partners.

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