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Independent Contractor Positions Description and contracting structure.

The Master Agent 100% Commission Chart

¼ package $RD2884.00

½ package $RD4,809.00

⅓ package $RD7,560.00

Full package $RD11,424.00

Sub Commission 30%

LifeTime Commission 25%

100% Of all commission payout is based on commission earn by call center received from our Campiagn Host


We have four independent contracting positions available: Master Agent, Bonofy Agent, Developing Agent, and Lantin Agent. None of these positions are salary or wage based.  We only offer independent contracting positions at this moment.  None of these positions carry medical benefits at this moment, but we will in the near future. Currently we seek agents with at least 2 years experience in cold-calls-selling. Anyone applying for these positions should be comfortable with cold calling and comfortable with closing sales. These positions all require multitasking at the highest level. Keeping good notes, following up with emails, leaving phone messages, as well as leaving text messages, and from time to time even video calling.  We expect every agent to act professionally and courteous to potential and non potential clients. You will be expected to keep good notes, keep up with your appointments. Be at your station on your contracting schedule time. 


This campaign has these schedules available currently: 8am - 8pm, 8am - 2pm, 2pm - 8pm, along with Sunday Madness.  These schedules are all available right now.  During this epidemic these schedules are all modified to meet government law and epidemic safety. Once you are contracted you will receive your contracted schedule. 

Master Agent

Is an Independent contractor who derives all his/her earnings from commission only.  The Master Agent is the highest earner on our campaign floor, earning anywhere from $RD0.00 to $RD250,000.00 a month. To see our chart of earning structure click here.    


The payout terms are as follows: every 15 worked days you will receive your commission earned. Except for the first payment which will only be for 8 days because the first 7 days get paid at the end of your contract. After another 15 worked days you will receive another commission payment.  If you have earned any bonuses or any extra commission you will receive it on the proper payday which will be on the 30th or 31st of the month.


The master agent is the only independent contracting agent that gets paid commissions on the sale of the sub packages.  The master agent is also the only independent contracting agent that earns a lifetime commission payout on a monthly basis. The lifetime commission is a rewarding incentive that the Master Agent receives for working 100% commission. This is a partnership gift that will grow with the contractor for the life of the contractor's involvement with our campaign. This lifetime commission only ends when the independent contractor is no longer contracted with JSTcallcenter.com. Lifetime commission is a great opportunity to build a customer long term relationship but also to build personal wealth. For example, imagine after being with us for 5 years and you have earned a lifetime commission of $30,000.00. You will be payed this amount every month so long as you are contracted with JSTcallcenter.com.

Bonofy Agent

This agent is expected to close two sales a week minimum.  This contracting position entails a bonus payout of $RD23,000.00 and a 3% commission on every package sale.  The payout bonus terms are as follows: every 15 worked days you will receive $RD11,500.00 and in another 15 worked days you will receive another $RD11,500.00. This position is only available for experienced cold call selling independent contractors.  You have two days to learn your product and be able to sell it. Most experienced agents with four or more years of experience in cold calls selling are able to adapt quickly. We will check your prior experience. We like to set up our independent contractors for success from the start. The first 7 worked days are paid at the end of your contracting time with us.  Example: you contract with us for 15 worked days, your first payment will only include 8 worked days because the first seven days get paid at the end of your contracting time with us. What does this mean to you as an independent contractor? Your first earning will be $RD8,000.00 and then after this it will be $RD11,500.00 every 15 worked days. Your commission gets paid out on a monthly basis on the 5th of every month. In some cases it can take until 10th of the month.  They are no exception to this system if you choose to contract for us these are the terms they don’t change.

Latin Agent

As an independent contracting agent that speaks little to no english this agent earning breakdown is exactly like the Developing Agent payout structure. Please reference Developing Agent.

Developing Agent

Is an independent contractor agent that has 2yr or less of cold calling experience. English is not top quality or closing skill needs improvement.  This agent receives $RD10,000.00 Bonus payment for 30 worked days and a 8% commission paid out on any sales. The payout bonus terms are as follows: every 15 worked days you will receive $RD5,000.00 and in another 15 worked days you will receive another $RD5,000.00.  However if the Developing Agent makes 6 sales within a 15 day worked period this agent will earn $RD15,000.00 but there is no commission payout when the agent reaches 6 or more sales in a 15 day worked period. Now if an independent contracting agent reaches10 or more sales within a 15 day worked period This agent will earn $RD25,000.00 for that period.  It's important to keep in mind that this Developing Agent earnings fluctuate depending on agents performance. When this agent masters his selling technique and can reach 14 or more sales in a 15 worked day period he/she will earn $RD40,000.00 for that period. If they do it again for the next paid period they will again earn another $RD40,000.00 and so on. If this agent had contracted under the 100% commission program he/she could have earned anywhere between $RD40,376.00 up to $RD159,936.00 for the same 14 sales used in this example.


All of our Independent contracting positions require a minimum sign up contract term of one year. What does this mean to you who are signing up? Once you choose from any of our four positions you can not change from the position you selected for one year. Four positions are Master Agent, Bonofy Agent, Developing Agent, and Latin Agent. You can read about all these positions above. Thank you for your time and interest in our program. If you decide to join us, we are more than glad to have you. If owning your own home, car, or simply changing your economic lifestyle is something that interests you,then joining our program is the best decision you can make today! 


If you got game, you think-you rock, or you think you can sell water to whales? Come on and hang with the people who make that real money, the kind of money that stops you from asking how much? Remember how that felt? Join today! Stop thinking about what it used to be, make the right decision and join our Master Agent program.