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Juan Vasquez


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Melvin Torres

Our Mission and promise to our Independent contractors

Juan Vasquez Our founder and CEO a Dominican Republic descendent born in the United States of America, has had a dream of helping his people since the age of sixteen.  Because of his continued visits to the D.R. since the age of four, he has seen a country underdeveloped and poor neglect its people. As an advocate of the Hispanic community in the USA. Juan has also seen how rich D.R. has developed for those who travel out the country into first world countries.  Such as USA, UK, Spain, etc. While its native people stay poor and more and more of its Citizens continue to apply for visas. Leaving behind everything, they love including children, wife, husband, parents, family, and a lot more. Like every other country, the rich get richer and the poor just continue to become poorer and poorer.  Juan has a dream that involves everyone living a better life.  Juan believes that if corporations focus on their most valuable assets, people, rather than richness the world would be an incredible place to live in.  Juan does not understand what it is with seeing billions of dollars in a bank while people are dying of hunger, lack of medicine, family broken apart for the sake of a better life.  This is my promise to the independent contractors signing up for our campaign(s) you will have a life-changing experience the time has come that your hard work pays you more than just a paycheck to paycheck scenario.  If you are reading this, you are about to embark in the best decision of your life one which will bring you wealth and eventually financial freedom. Also, you will be tomorrow leaders in our enterprise.

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